Ilaria Giannetti

Dept. of Information Engineering
University of Pisa

Address: Via Diotisalvi 2, 56122 Pisa, Italy

E-mail: ilaria.giannetti(-at-)
Skype: ilagiannetti

The man received the Earth as loan and some talents as gifts. His purpose is to exploit the talents to deliver a better planet in the hands of his children. Technological progress aimed at energy saving and environmental protection can really improve the quality of human life.


Bio Sketches

Ilaria Giannetti is a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, Italy under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Anastasi. She received the MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa in 2008. Her research interests include wireless sensor networks and green computing. She is a member of the Pervasive Computing & Networking Laboratory (PerLab).