2020-03-22 (discussion on hacker news)

With so many people and students around the world working from home, we really need some easy to deploy shared whiteboard solution. This is especially important for pre-college students who may not have access to high end hardware.

This Apollo 13 style camera stand (shown in left-handed version; flip for right-handed writers) should address the hardware problem satisfactorily, and make a smartphone with common video communicationa apps into a a poor man's overhead projector/document camera.

The preferred height is 20-25cm (8-10in), high enough to let the camera focus, low enough so you can look at the image in the display while you write and make sure the writing is in the displayed frame.

The software side is a bit lacking though: most apps lack manual controls for all the following features, which are really necessary for effective operation:

All the above issues could be fixed with very little effort. I really hope video app developers will address this use case, which is especially important these days.