The NetOS project
Luigi Rizzo Università di Pisa


20110603 netmap the netmap framework has been released 20100414 geom_sched imported in FreeBSD Head
20100407 Talk on ipfw3 and qfq at Google
20100319 Dummynet version 3 for Windows and Linux, with support for multiple packet schedulers.


NetOS is a project led by Prof. Luigi Rizzo of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Università di Pisa, and aimed at the development of production-quality implementations of recent research results in the area of Networking and Operating Systems. The project builds on over 15 years of activity in developing open source software and contributing to open source projects (FreeBSD, Asterisk, CoMo, Xorp)

Software developed by NetOS covers most operating systems including FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Linux, OpenWRT and Windows, and is normally available under a BSD License.

Support for NetOS comes from own funds and contributions from external partners.


NetOS contributions

  • netmap, a framework for fast access to network devices, capable of generating/receiving 14.8Mpps with a single core at 1.33 GHz.
  • geom_sched, an infrastructure for disk scheduling in FreeBSD. Initial release March 2009, integrated in FreeBSD in April 2010.
  • The dummynet emulator, linux and Windows versions, released Feb.2010
  • The qfq scheduling algorithm, part of dummynet. Integrated in FreeBSD in Feb.2010.

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